MERCOAGRO (Brazil): excellent results from the fair

A few weeks ago in Chapecó, Brazil, the MERCOAGRO Fair, dedicated to the food industry, was held.
For us, as for many other professionals, it is an important appointment to talk about food packaging, a topic that is increasingly the focus of professionals' round tables on food packaging efficiency.

Our area agent is PRAEMBALAR, a historic Brazilian company specialized in food packaging for industry, commerce, retail and restaurants. Particularly sensitive to new technologies and innovations in the sector, the owners CAIO CADORIN and GABRIEL PARADA have become spokesmen for Decofilm technology, proposing to their market our complete range of products for meat, fish, fruit, and egg packaging and for all existing production processes (flowpacks, thermo-sealers, thermo-formers, vacuum shrink bags etc).

It is very important for us to spread the knowledge of our innovative packaging technologies in this Country, where 270 million inhabitants feed 2 billion people with their food industry.
In an environment characterized by a hot humid climate and where great distances also make long journeys necessary to transport food, it is essential that packaging ensures the protection of food, to minimize waste and spoilage in every possible way.

Thank you Praembalar!